kogan slashes the price on the agora netbook (again)

Kogan has again slashed the price of the agora netbook, this time down to $299.


It is only the low-end agora, so for $299 you get a 10″ netbook with 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard disk and a 3 cell battery.

There does however appear to be issues with the wireless network capabilities – you can read about this in other blog entries:

To purchase the kogan agora for $299, use the discount code NEWSLTR093 when you purchase online.


kogan sent me a replacement wireless network mini card

After the problems I had connecting to wireless networks overseas with my kogan agora netbook, I emailed kogan support and explained the issues I had been facing.

A support representative emailed me back rather promptly (6 minutes later!) and acknowledged the under-performance of the VIA wifi card. They also offered to send me a replacement card, which is now being used in the agora netbooks.

I quickly took up the offer, and a week later, the new Ralink wifi card arrived in my mailbox (see the picture gallery below).

Change over of the card was very easy – power down, remove battery, remove single screw for the back panel and slide open the panel. Next I used small pliers to carefully lift off the two antenna connectors, and then after removing the single screw holding the card down I was able to pull it out. Installation of the new card was the reverse of the removal of the old.

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kogan agora wireless performance (VT6656 Via Arena adapter)


My kogan agora pro has just returned from six weeks abroad, where is was regularly put to the test booking flights, trains, accommodation and other general duties.

There are many great things to like about travelling with the agora netbook – it is light and easy to carry in a backpack, the battery life was good and only needed charging every few days, and on flights it makes a great video player to pass the time.

There is also a downside – the under-performance of the wireless network adapter. On many occasions at hotels and in pubs and restaurants I was unable to connect to the free wifi on offer. Some networks were visible in the network manager but I could not connect to them, whilst other networks would simply not appear in the available list. Very frustrating!

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