USB booting the kogan agora – is 2GB too big?

Is a 2GB USB drive too big for booting the Kogan agora netbook?

Over the last few days I have been trying to USB boot different operation systems on my Kogan agora pro, such as UNR and the recently released ‘koganised’ gOS iso.

I have two USB drives of the same brand. One is 1GB, and the other 2GB. I found that I can only get the 1GB USB drive to boot – the 2GB drive fails with “boot error“. Other users have also reported this behaviour.

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restoring the kogan agora to factory default settings and gOS

I have just booted my agora using the kogan gOS iso, which can be found here:

I used unetbootin to create a bootable USB drive, and it booted to an Ubuntu/gOS boot menu fine. I didn’t want to overwrite my UNR install, so I chose to boot ‘live’ – i.e. run gOS from the USB drive, and not change my hard drive in any way.

The kogan spash screen appeared and eventually it booted to the ‘koganised’ gOS desktop, which only lasted a day the last time it was installed on my agora! What I didn’t have, semi-unexpectedly, was a functioning touchpad.

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adding the medibuntu repository

In a comment to an earlier post, Bucky has suggested adding the medibuntu repository to ubuntu, rather than adding the skype repository to install skype. medibuntu (multimedia, entertainment & distractions in ubuntu) has the skype package, as well as many other packages that you may find useful or as the name suggests, entertaining, such as realplayer and google earth.

Before going further, you should be aware that the medibuntu repository also contains packages that are not included in vanilla ubuntu for legal reasons. (which you should read before continuing) states:

It is your legal responsibility to make sure that the software you are installing can be legally used in your country and for your intended purpose.

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