Kogan Agora tablet wireless not working

An excerpt of a report coming in from Paul with some wireless network woes with his Kogan Agora tablet:

Let’s surf the net a bit.

Oh…The web page (google) is anavailable.Check your wifi settings.

Okay…checking. Connecting….disconnected….connecting….disconnected…connecting….disconnected. OVER and OVER. RESET the whole thing and start again. Change channel in router. try different channels. OH! Connected!…disconnected…connected….

This is bringing back terrible memories I had with my Kogan Agora netbook and wireless!


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One thought on “Kogan Agora tablet wireless not working

  1. Just hoping you can help. How do I change the name of my USB and micro sd. I have finally found my USB but want to change the name. My sd card info is still lost somewhere. Will check your earlier posts to see if you coveted this. Thanks

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