Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet camera and microphone review

First of all I’d like to say thanks to Kayne – he has granted me access to make posts on my tablet here. Please leave comments below if there is something specific you would like to see in action.

Here’s a video taken on the 2 megapixel camera built into the tablet, and a demo of the inbuilt microphone.

Wow that’s some crappy video, dodgy frame rates, recorded in 3GP format, and to top it off my unit has a manufacturing defect – as you can see in the video there are 2 black corners showing in the video that should not be there. This is due to paint made in a circle around the lens, but not applied properly (I don’t know why it’s there really). I’m not bothered – I don’t plan to use the camera much anyway, it is only 2MP. Nice to know I have a microphone though.

Filename format: VID_20110614_071147.3gp
Resolution: 640×480
Frames Per Second: 10

Here is the info from VLC from analyzing the video:

Here’s a Photo taken from the inbuilt camera (somewhat difficult to take a pic when the camera is the same side as the on screen button)

A majority of the pics I took were either blurry or overexposed, this all done with the built in camera app, I’ve yet to checkout alternatives.

Ghostcat will eat your soul!

TL:DR The camera and mic suck, I give it 3 out of 10.

Full size versions of the 2MP photos, plus a bonus one of Ghostcat:

4 thoughts on “Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet camera and microphone review

  1. Well I have had TWO of these tablets!! My first experience was the first day I used it. I’m not ignorant when it comes to these things…I’m an experienced PC tech and keep up with all the latest so I just HAD to try this out.

    Unpacked it, charged it up and inserted the brand new snadisk 32Gb card along with a mega-pack of Android apps I’d downloaded for it. Played around a bit just to get the feel of it and learn where everything is located. Wireless ON. Connected OK. let’s start surfing. No problems.

    Right. Let’s install some apps using the “App installer” feature. Looking…looking FOUND! oh… NOT found…FOUND!….NOT found…App installer has shut down for an unknown reason. Try again…same deal. Hmmmm Let’s try “search” ok Search for Apps. FOUND. Select and install app. No worries DONE. Now select another one to install…… Search app has failed for an unknown reason. Okay start again.

    This was the only way I could install apps. WHAT a PIECE OF CRAP!!

    Oh well…I can live with that I spose.What do u want for $150 ???

    Let’s surf the net a bit.

    Oh…The web page (google) is anavailable.Check your wifi settings.

    Okay…checking. Connecting….disconnected….connecting….disconnected…connecting….disconnected. OVER and OVER. RESET the whole thing and start again. Change channel in router. try different channels. OH! Connected!…disconnected…connected….

    Nothing changed. PIECE OF CRAP!!! Contact Kogan “support” who suggested my router settings were wrong, despite the fact that I informed them THREE times that my phone, my 3 laptops, my friends’ phones and my mate’s ipad ALL connect first time every time without a hitch.

    RETURN for Warranty repair. I received an email with instructions for RMA along with all details already filled out by Kogan support (link to RMA site) So all I had to do was insert my phone details and return address and off we go! WHAT? Serial number invalid? BUT Kogan entered that???? look on box. yep. That’s right. Enter it again. invalid. EMAIL kogan. Oh Sorry Sir…it’s the OTHER serial number. YOU entered it incorrectly. it’s the one with the letters in front. Gee thanks for that ,


    I receive THIS EMAIL

    We have assessed your unit for you and have found that it connects to our wireless network without any issues.

    I believe that the issue you experienced with the unit is most likely due to the settings on your router.

    Would you be able to provide us with your router’s settings?
    Is it using DHCP or Static IP?
    Is there MAC filtering?
    How many simultaneous connections does it allow?
    What is the make and model of the router?

    I provide all this info and tell them AGAIN that everything ELSE connects and explain that they need to connect using WPA2 and not WEP etc.etc. Don’t just turn it on nd go “Oh yeah..it works.”

    Surprise surprise! NOW they are able to duplicate the problem.

    I am now offered a “refurbished” unit that is only 1 week old, to replace it( hmmm sound familiar?) I accept this and I am advised of the TOLL tracking number and next day I insert it into the tracking page to see where it is. Hmmmm there is NO item of that description.
    EMAIL kogan. Oh.Sorry Sir. That was sent by Australia Post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    FINALLY I receive the REFURBISHED tablet. I don’t need to tell the story all over again do I??? NO. Suffice to say, 1 hour after receiving it, BACK IT WENT.
    Absolute rubbish! I also noticed the “ghost” clicks too and man, was it fingerprint hungry! I think the fingerprints actually induce capacitance between the human resins and the sensor screen. There’s NO WAY I would buy one of these ever again!

    I am now awaiting a refund if I ever get a reply from kogan support, acknowledging the return of the tablet. I sent it yester day along with multiple emails and have heard NOTHING since.

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  3. Hi Paul,
    Had exactly the same problem with my 7″ tablet.
    Turns out it was an issue with the netgear router (DG834G v5), not the tablet.
    I eventually DOWNGRADED the firmware (to 6.00.21) and it now works perfectly.
    Not sure what netgear changed but I wasted a good few days trying every wireless setting and combination with no success.

  4. I could not agree more with review and especially the comments above,I am now in the process of sending back my third tablet this time for a refund although my internet worked with out a hitch,the touch screen would intermittently go nuts selecting kindle pages apps or settings each unit the build quality differed a lot the black marks in the video above are because the camera is not central to the lens I had this on two of mine and the other you could see the metal casing on the lcd visible because the screen was out of wack,all in and said you do get what you pay for and this tablet is cheap but still in my opinion it is not worth the money stick to apple ipod toch 4thgen 8gb for not much more money and a lot less hastle.

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