A quick review of the Kogan Agora Tablet

Joeyjoejoe has sent in a quick review of his new Kogan Agora Tablet. Thanks!

Joeyjoejoe says:
June 11, 2011 at 4:25 am
I just received my new 7″ Kogan Agora Tablet, its pretty sweet, touchscreen isn’t as responsive as I would like, I find myself pressing hard and licking the tip of my finger as it does not respond to my touch at times. Battery life seems considerably short, lucky to get half a day on a full charge (even when a majority of the time it was on standby)
Besides those drawbacks; I have been trying to gain Root on it for 2 days now with no luck, don’t bother with Gingerbreak.apk I ran it for an hour and it didn’t work. I also tried Rooting it with ‘SuperOneClick’ but didn’t have much luck with that either (program kept crashing on me, I may try again on another pc, but I’m doubtful it will work.) So If anyone knows of a way to Root this device, please share it with the world!

Update – Joeyjoejoe has provided a video too!

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7 thoughts on “A quick review of the Kogan Agora Tablet

  1. Thank you :)

    I’m in the UK and mines shipping later this month so very interested to see what its like.

    Steve :)

  2. Here is three more Vids of the tablet in action, demoing its 3d Abilities for Compo and anyone else that’s interested (quite good GFX, better than I expected, it is the same GFX chip / CPU in a Samsung Galaxy S afterall)
    Please let me know if there is anything else on the Tablet you would like to see.

    Raging Thunder 2 demo on Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet

    Turbofly 3D demo on Kogan Agora 7″ tablet

    Waveblazer demo on Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet

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