The new Kogan Agora laptop and tablet

The new Kogan Agora tablet and laptop

The new Kogan Agora tablet and laptop

After a hiatus from selling the Kogan Agora netbooks, Kogan has released a new range of laptops and tablets.

No longer a netbook (anything over 10″ is a laptop in my opinion), the new Agora laptop features a 11.6″ LED display, an Intel Celeron processor and a 4 cell battery.

The laptop comes in two models – the Agora and Agora Pro. The difference? The former has 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard disk, and the latter doubles those specs – 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard disk.

The new product in the Agora range is the Agora 7″ tablet. The 1GHz processor, 512MB memory and Android 2.3 (aka gingerbread) really makes me wish it had a 10″ display! The specs are good enough to warrant purchasing one except for that 7″ display.

A 7″ tablet is really just a big phone, and I already have a phone running Android! So come on Kogan – compete in the tablet market and release a 10″ tablet running Android 3.0 (aka honeycomb).

If any readers have a product from the new Agora range and wants to post some reviews, please leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch :)

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6 thoughts on “The new Kogan Agora laptop and tablet

  1. I will be receiving my Agora tablet in a week or two – just as soon as they sort out UK shipping. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you buy non-existent products! I don’t mind waiting.

    Will let you know what I think when I get it x

  2. I just received my new 7″ Kogan Agora Tablet, its pretty sweet, touchscreen isn’t as responsive as I would like, I find myself pressing hard and licking the tip of my finger as it does not respond to my touch at times. Battery life seems considerably short, lucky to get half a day on a full charge (even when a majority of the time it was on standby)
    Besides those drawbacks; I have been trying to gain Root on it for 2 days now with no luck, don’t bother with Gingerbreak.apk I ran it for an hour and it didn’t work. I also tried Rooting it with ‘SuperOneClick’ but didn’t have much luck with that either (program kept crashing on me, I may try again on another pc, but I’m doubtful it will work.) So If anyone knows of a way to Root this device, please share it with the world!

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  4. Here is three more Vids of the tablet in action, demoing its 3d Abilities for Compo and anyone else that’s interested (quite good GFX, better than I expected, it is the same GFX chip / CPU in a Samsung Galaxy S afterall)
    Please let me know if there is anything else on the Tablet you would like to see.

    Waveblazer demo on Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet

    Turbofly 3D demo on Kogan Agora 7″ tablet

    Raging Thunder 2 demo on Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet

  5. OK, so I have done some benchmarks for those that like them. It will also help in gauging what updated SW does and how other OS versions perform once rooting is sorted out.
    My Kogan is stock; wireless was connected, all tests performed with battery. All tests done 5 times and average shown.
    These tests cover CPU and Graphics (Mali-400) as well as other things. Applications all from Marketplace. There are lots of other benchmarking apps out there but I’ve just used these. It just goes to show that they are not foolproof when you get such varying results.

    Quadrant: 959, 1030, 1071, 1236, 1273. Average= 1114
    NeoCore: 32.4, 32.3, 32.4, 32.2, 32.4. Average= 32.3
    NenaMark1: 26.9, 27.1, 26.7, 26.9, 27.0. Average= 26.9
    AnTuTu: 1447, 1502, 1465, 1498, 1470. Average= 1476
    SmartBench 2010 Prod: 757, 718, 744, 755, 790. Average= 752
    SmartBench 2010 Games: 1193, 1108, 1116, 1192, 1155. Average= 1153
    Linpack: 14.2, 15.1, 15.1, 14.3, 15.1. Average= 14.7

    Looks like they are doing well over at XDA with other firmware for this tablet.
    Lots of users not too happy about the Kogan on Facebook either. Mine is ok – but does wake up every now and then, and when plugged in and charging the touch does not work – so some quality issues – but I paid such a low price it is still good. Androtab also have some good info on these EM73 clones with telechips 8803 inside.

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