Improving wifi on the Kogan Agora netbook with an Intel 3945ABG network card

Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

Update: Please note this article is only applicable to 1st generation (10″) Kogan Agora netbook. If you have a 2nd generation (12″) Kogan Agora laptop you will need to purchase a “half” sized mini PCI-E card.

After several months of fighting my Kogan Agora netbook to connect to wifi networks, which included the netbook only connecting to my access point if I saved the AP’s configuration, I have finally found a fix to better the wifi performance.

Back cover removed, showing the network card (bottom left)

My frustration reached its peak when the netbook refused to connect to my new Netcomm NB9WMAXXN wireless router, so after a quick transaction on ebay I purchased an Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini PCI-E card to replace the Ralink wireless card that replaced the VIA card.

It came at a cost of $7.95 including postage, so it was a small gamble to take in the hope it would rid me of my connection woes.

Close up of the original VIA network card

And after a quick change over, I was quite happy to see the latest version of Ubuntu (11.04, which had up until now refused to connect to my wireless network) connect instantly when I logged in!

Hopefully this will see some better mileage obtained from my Kogan Agora netbook – at least until I can replace it with a 10″ tablet.

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11 thoughts on “Improving wifi on the Kogan Agora netbook with an Intel 3945ABG network card

  1. I have just gone out and purchased this new Intel Card to go into my Agora Pro,
    I noticed that this card is larger then the existing card that Kogan supply. Do you have any details on how you were able to make this Intel card fit??

  2. I didn’t have any problems making it fit Mike. I will take some photos later tonight for reference and post them up here.

  3. Do you just remove the rear panel marked wifi, lift off the two wireless and undo the screw……is the new card not longer then the old one….just to be clear I haven’t taken the old one out yet, just seen photos and it looks smaller.

  4. Looking at a photo I took way back (, you can see the VIA card in the bottom left corner.

    Looks like there is one screw holding it in place, as well as the two antenna wires. Should just be a matter of lifting the wires off (they are like stud fasteners), undoing the screw, and lifting the card out. Then reverse the process with the new card.

    Edit: I am pretty sure they are the same size too!

  5. Hmmm….mine looks very different to yours, could it be because I have the Agora Pro, I have a panel that lifts off and reveals only the DDR and Wifi. Do you have an email I can send some photo’s to you of what mine looks like…

  6. Please note that this article relates to the 1st generation 10″ Kogan Agora netbooks.

    If you have a newer 12″ Kogan Agora laptop, the mini PCI-E card is “half” size. A full size card (as pictured above) will not fit in the 12″ laptop.

  7. Thanks for the info Kayno, much appreciated, I have the same problem with my 1st gen netbook since I have upgraded from GoS to EasyPeasy (Ubuntu 10.04). Is there any option other than replacing the Ralink card with the Intel? Could a USB wireless adapter work? If not, I will follow your lead and get the Intel card and install it – am not a techo but it does not seem too difficult to swap the cards.

  8. I still have the original VIA wireless adapter and it has finally stopped working completely for me. I managed to survive using the VIA due to being at uni for years where the signal was really good and using it only when i needed to on the couch.
    But now I have moved and the old one just won’t connect for longer than a couple of minutes. (Due to my WAP being about 40m away through 5 stone walls.)
    Thanks for putting up the info, I managed to score a new card for $7.80 on ebay delivered.
    Will let you know how it goes.

  9. @Giancarlo a USB adapter should also work. You are right though – swapping to an intel card is pretty easy and means you don’t have a dongle hanging off a USB port.

    @Trev hope you see some improvements once the new card is in!

  10. Thanks Kayno, wifi working fine now, just the touchpad issue to sort out, which takes me to another post by you, will try to understand your advice and implement it.

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