Touchpad configuration for Ubuntu and grub 2

Note: this post has been edited to match my ubuntu 10.04 config.

Ubuntu now uses grub 2 as the default boot loader, and this means a change in the instructions for making the kogan agora touchpad function under ubuntu.

After putting out a call for assistance on this, Tom has come through with the goods! In order to get the agora’s touchpad working with grub 2, follow these instructions

In a terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Find the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash” and just after it add a new line and type in (make sure you type to avoid the wrong quote symbol copying and pasting) the following line:


and then update grub and reboot:

sudo update-grub

I have tested this myself and it works a treat. Thanks Tom!



ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala) beta on the kogan agora

In a bid to resurrect my kogan agora pro netbook to a usable state, I decided to upgrade to the lastest version of ubuntu, karmic koala, which has just gone beta.

sudo update-manager -d

This will kick off the update manager, and provide you with a single button to upgrade to version 9.10. After 30 minutes or so, you should be rebooting into a new kernel, and the new ubuntu.

The usual suspects that needed attention in the past (read: the touchpad and wireless networking) were both still working, and had obviously remained configured from the previous version.

Whilst I say “working”, the wireless adapter is connecting to my home wireless access point however the signal is still low and not picking up neighbouring APs.


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kogan slashes the price on the agora netbook (again)

Kogan has again slashed the price of the agora netbook, this time down to $299.


It is only the low-end agora, so for $299 you get a 10″ netbook with 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard disk and a 3 cell battery.

There does however appear to be issues with the wireless network capabilities – you can read about this in other blog entries:

To purchase the kogan agora for $299, use the discount code NEWSLTR093 when you purchase online.