australia’s cheapest netbook – really cheap!

If you follow kogan technology on twitter (@KoganTech) you have probably heard that starting midnight tonight (27th July 2009) they are having a four day “Super sale”. A follow up tweet states:

Fancy a 10″ Netbook for $399? Sale starts at midnight – Subscribe at for updates

$399 is a very good deal – 20% off the normal price.

Hopefully the pro version (2GB, 6 cell battery) will also be discounted, as in the past it has missed out on any price reductions. I feel however that the pro being only $40 more and packing twice as much memory and battery, as well as bluetooth, is high in demand, and the lesser netbook (1GB, 3 cell battery) is high in supply. Somewhere there could be a factory full of the 1GB, 3 cell battery netbooks, hence the really cheap price.

It is still a great deal though (assuming the tweet comes to fruition) considering you can get a 6 cell battery for $65 and memory is very cheap these days.


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