kogan releases spare agora netbook battery

Additional 6 cell agora netbook battery (courtesy kogan.com.au)

Additional 6 cell battery (courtesy kogan.com.au)

When kogan first announced the agora netbook, I remember vividly a comment over at the whirlpool netbook forum:


I’d rather buy a proper brand name, like Asus or Dell. When your you-beaut Kogan has a dead battery or you need a replacement part such as a keyboard after the warranty expires, what will you do then? Order one from Kogan?

Well, in the case of the dead battery – yes, just order one from kogan! For $65, plus postage and handling, you can now get an additional (or replacement if your original is ‘dead’) battery.

And in case you did take the advice from the whirlpool forum and brought an Asus or Dell, I checked staticice.com.au for their battery prices. A quick search for an “eeePC battery” for a 10″ netbook resulted in over $80 for a 4 cell, and $130 for a 6 cell.

So if you find your agora netbook is always running out of power before you can recharge, $65 isn’t a huge amount of cash to splash to double the battery life. Or perhaps you picked up an agora (3 cell) netbook for $459 on special and want to add a 6 cell battery, taking your total purchase price to $524. That’s $15 cheaper than the agora pro, plus you have a 3 cell and a spare 6 cell battery (although the pro also doubles your memory to 2GB and adds a $10 bluetooth dongle – but perhaps battery life is more important to you than memory and bluetooth).

Whichever way you look at it, the additional 6 cell battery gives you lots of different options, can double the battery life of an agora pro (or triple a 3 cell agora), and it is well priced.



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One thought on “kogan releases spare agora netbook battery

  1. The original poster had a good point. That link no longer works, and I don’t think Kogan sells the replacement batteries any more.

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