australia’s cheapest netbook – really cheap!

If you follow kogan technology on twitter (@KoganTech) you have probably heard that starting midnight tonight (27th July 2009) they are having a four day “Super sale”. A follow up tweet states:

Fancy a 10″ Netbook for $399? Sale starts at midnight – Subscribe at for updates

$399 is a very good deal – 20% off the normal price.

Hopefully the pro version (2GB, 6 cell battery) will also be discounted, as in the past it has missed out on any price reductions. I feel however that the pro being only $40 more and packing twice as much memory and battery, as well as bluetooth, is high in demand, and the lesser netbook (1GB, 3 cell battery) is high in supply. Somewhere there could be a factory full of the 1GB, 3 cell battery netbooks, hence the really cheap price.

It is still a great deal though (assuming the tweet comes to fruition) considering you can get a 6 cell battery for $65 and memory is very cheap these days.


kogan releases spare agora netbook battery

Additional 6 cell agora netbook battery (courtesy

Additional 6 cell battery (courtesy

When kogan first announced the agora netbook, I remember vividly a comment over at the whirlpool netbook forum:


I’d rather buy a proper brand name, like Asus or Dell. When your you-beaut Kogan has a dead battery or you need a replacement part such as a keyboard after the warranty expires, what will you do then? Order one from Kogan?

Well, in the case of the dead battery – yes, just order one from kogan! For $65, plus postage and handling, you can now get an additional (or replacement if your original is ‘dead’) battery.

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kogan agora wireless performance (VT6656 Via Arena adapter)


My kogan agora pro has just returned from six weeks abroad, where is was regularly put to the test booking flights, trains, accommodation and other general duties.

There are many great things to like about travelling with the agora netbook – it is light and easy to carry in a backpack, the battery life was good and only needed charging every few days, and on flights it makes a great video player to pass the time.

There is also a downside – the under-performance of the wireless network adapter. On many occasions at hotels and in pubs and restaurants I was unable to connect to the free wifi on offer. Some networks were visible in the network manager but I could not connect to them, whilst other networks would simply not appear in the available list. Very frustrating!

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