USB booting the kogan agora – is 2GB too big?

Is a 2GB USB drive too big for booting the Kogan agora netbook?

Over the last few days I have been trying to USB boot different operation systems on my Kogan agora pro, such as UNR and the recently released ‘koganised’ gOS iso.

I have two USB drives of the same brand. One is 1GB, and the other 2GB. I found that I can only get the 1GB USB drive to boot – the 2GB drive fails with “boot error“. Other users have also reported this behaviour.

I believe this may be an issue with the FAT16/FAT32 file systems, however I have not investigated further.

If you are trying to USB boot your agora to install or even just try another operating system such as UNR, you may need to consider using a 1GB USB drive. If anyone has any more information, or if you have been able to boot with 2GB or larger USB drives, please post the details below.


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9 thoughts on “USB booting the kogan agora – is 2GB too big?

  1. I had no problem with a 4GB USB flash drive to make it bootable and followed the instructions in the Kogan manual

  2. I am guessing the issue is FAT16 vs FAT32.

    Anita – how did you go with booting the agora using the instructions in the kogan manual? did you try a live boot and see if the touchpad worked?

  3. Same problem ‘Boot Error’ on a 4G stick. Changed to a 1G and away she went.

  4. Thanks for all the great info on the site Kayno.
    Anyways, I tried Ubuntu with a 8GB drive – no luck. 1GB drive – works first time.

    Keep up the good work :)

  5. Ive been unable to boot gparted-live from an 8GB Toshiba USB stick. The same stick will boot my Dell D610.. It seems like the Kogan does indeed have a problem with some USB mem sticks.

  6. More findings, in case it helps someone.
    My 8GB Toshiba stick *will* boot the Agora Pro with Windows 98 (command line) installed with the HP USB Disk Format tool.
    But so far, I get a ‘boot error’ with any linux image I try on that stick. When I tried running syslunx on the working Win98 image the Agora then refused to boot from it. (btw, all the tested images will boot my Dell)

  7. This might help.
    I recently bought an Agora Pro, dumped Gos and installed WIN7 via USB.
    The USB stick I was using was 16Gb.
    The key to it is Fat32.
    If you go to this link,
    It explains how to use the diskpart utlity. It has all the instructions for creating a bootable USB stick. The trick is using the Diskpart utility from Vista or Win7. On earlier versions the Diskpart utility does not recognise a USB stick.

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