restoring the kogan agora to factory default settings and gOS

I have just booted my agora using the kogan gOS iso, which can be found here:

I used unetbootin to create a bootable USB drive, and it booted to an Ubuntu/gOS boot menu fine. I didn’t want to overwrite my UNR install, so I chose to boot ‘live’ – i.e. run gOS from the USB drive, and not change my hard drive in any way.

The kogan spash screen appeared and eventually it booted to the ‘koganised’ gOS desktop, which only lasted a day the last time it was installed on my agora! What I didn’t have, semi-unexpectedly, was a functioning touchpad.

Unless the fixgOS2.bat or makeboot.bat files described in the manual do something other than copy the gOS iso to the USB drive and make it bootable (I couldn’t use the method described in the agora’s manual, as I do not have windows installed), than I don’t think the factory restore instructions will help you to easily restore the kogan to its original out-of-the-box self.

I would love to be proved wrong though, and would love it if someone could follow the instructions on page 36 of the manual, create a USB drive with the kogan gOS image boot live to gOS (this will not erase any data currently on your agora’s hard disk) and see if the touchpad works. Any takers? You may be the first to crack the touchpad mystery of the kogan agora!


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  1. I have just used your method with unetbootin and it worked perfectly :D unlike the method explained in the Kogan user manual where it is suggested that the gosConvert3.exe is used. When I tried gosConvert3.exe and the fixboot.bat as directed in the manual, the usb it created would boot ok but the countdown timer would only count down from 15 to 0 and then reset back to 15. I admit I only tried the “live” version on the usb hdd, as I am preparing to try Ubuntu Remix and want to ensure I can get factory reset capability ;)

  2. Thanks for the info Miraceti.

    Just to clarify – you used unetbootin to copy the kogan iso to a USB disk, and then live booted to kogan gOS?

    Did your touchpad work?

  3. hi Kayno,

    To clarify, yes you are correct I created the usb hdd from the Kogan GOS iso with unetbootin and it boots up and runs the live session perfectly. Also the touchpad works just fine and so does wifi. :D Over the weekend I hope to have enough time to try out Ubuntu Remix, now that I am confident that I have factory restore capability.

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  5. Hi,

    Just looking at this thread, I am having issues with my Tablet and I am wondering if this will work for the new 10″ Kogan Agora 16GB tablet?

    Factory reset has not worked, when the tablet starts, it recursively spits out the error:
    “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped”. There is nothing I can do accept reset (same problem starts all over again), or continuously hit the OK button (again, same recursive error).

    Any assistance much appreciated.

    I am just wondering if that image is the latest and greatest for the Kogan tablet given this thread dates back to 2009.



  6. Hi can anyone help me I have created the iso thing on to USB connected the USB to the tablet and go it into FWDN mode will the usb boot automatically? it is taking a long time do I need to be running it through the computer somehow as well and then connected to the tablet?

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