Connecting an external monitor to the kogan agora

Update: waldo has connected his agora to an external monitor at 1920×1080. Not sure what operating system, but I am guessing its a driver thing.

Over at the kogan blog, outsideworld asked what the maximum resolution was for a external monitor attached to the agora. The quickest way to tell was to plug my agora pro into my 19″ BenQ LCD, and see what it could do.

After some playing around in the Display Preferences in Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I found that the maximum resolution was 1024×768.


One thing to note though – I could not get the the agora’s own LCD to use a 16:9 resolution (1024×600, it’s native resolution) whilst using a 4:3 resolution on the external LCD. The best I could do on the agora was 800×600.

All up, the external display worked fine, and I can’t really imagine myself ever wanting to use the agora’s LCD and an external LCD at the same time, so having the same aspect ratio on each didn’t bother me. For connecting to a projector, etc, I think it is just fine.


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One thought on “Connecting an external monitor to the kogan agora

  1. You need to install Intel Drivers (I think these a beta) to get the resolution working properly in Linux.

    Works fine in Windows 7 but not natively in Ubuntu or gOS

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