kogan agora netbook user manual now available

Update: The manual has now been updated with the URL for the gOS image.

As promised, kogan have published a user manual for the kogan agora netbook on their netbook support page:


It does however have a few gaps. I was keen to see the factory restore instructions, however whilst is says “Download the kogan gOS.iso image file from this link”, there does not appear to be a link! Hopefully this will be resolved soon…

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4 thoughts on “kogan agora netbook user manual now available

  1. yeah I might of shot the gun not sure when it arrived….lol Just would like to ask you a q though. I keep getting window open asking for my password to Unlock Keyring?

    (the application “Network Manager Applet” (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants to access the default keyring but it is locked )

    I cant remember what this is for or even setting one? Any ideas/help? Ta

  2. the user manual has been updated and now contains a link to the gOS.iso image file.