installing ubuntu netbook remix on a kogan agora

Ubuntu Netbook Remix desktop

Ubuntu Netbook Remix desktop

First, you need to download the remix:

Installing using a USB key

To install Ubuntu Netbook Remix with a USB key, the easiest way is to follow the instructions here:

Installing over the network

I configured by DHCP server to netboot the Ubuntu install. This post is a placeholder – I will add more info soon, but here is the gist:

On the DHCP server, I untar’ed to my tftp server, and then used the PXE netboot option on the agora pro (press F10 when it starts to boot) to boot the installer.

During install, you can choose to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix.



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11 thoughts on “installing ubuntu netbook remix on a kogan agora

  1. Hi Kayno,You seem to be doing kogans job.After netbook remix is installed does wireless and keypad work or fix required? Also,sound vol with gOS very low and if remotely pushed cackles loudly .Tried amarok etc,but all poor.Got into sound and pre amp makes interferance louder.Would you suspect hardware or software? .Any help appreciated,Liam PS love your work

  2. Hi Liam

    Just trying to help :) I think the agora is a great piece of hardware, and with a little bit of work on the software side, it is a great netbook!

    After the install ubuntu netbook remix you will not have wireless or the touchpad. The touchpad doesn’t work during the graphical ubuntu setup either. Don’t let this put you off though. Setup is easy without a mouse (just use tab to go from one button to the next, and space/enter to select things. I am working on a install guide at the moment, but its a work in progress :)

    Once installed and you boot for the first time, it is pretty straight forward to get the touchpad going. My post here will help:

    When you reboot and the touchpad is working, the wireless is easy. Simply follow this post, and you will be right:

    I hope to put a better guide together soon, but until then, i really suggest still giving the netbook remix a go :) I am happy to help if you have any issues.


  3. Hi Liam

    Got my Agora last week. Not particularly impressed with GOS, so I’ve installed XP and (this morning) Windows 7 RC 1, both of which run well. (Small aside: Windows 7 boots up 10 seconds faster than XP.)

    I can install Ubuntu and, after finding your site, get the touchpad and Wireless working.

    Tried to install the netbook remix, but the USB won’t boot. Just says “boot error”. The MD5SUMS check out OK and it boots fine on an EEEPC 900.

    Anything strange about the USB on the Agora that you’ve noticed?

    Again, thanks for the site. Great source of information.

  4. Hi Pops

    I was having some issues booting to USB last night, and I realised it was because I had disabled legacy USB support in the BIOS. This meant it did not see the USB drive at all – it wasn’t an option when I pressed F10 during boot up.

    It is odd that it works for the eee, but not the agora. tried different USB ports?

  5. Pops – I have been trying to get different linux versions to boot from a 2GB USB drive, and I keep getting the “boot error” message. I just tried two different linux versions with a 1GB USB drive, and they both worked.

    I am wondering if its the USB drive size? What size are you using? Can you try another drive?

  6. Hi Kayno,

    It’s not the legacy USB, that’s active. And I’ve tried all the USB ports.

    I’ve tried several flash drives, but they’ve been 2GB or larger. Will try a 1GB when I can get my hands on one.

    Also tried the 2GB on a Toshy notebook and a couple of desktops and all booted into the installer. Weird.

    Will let you know what happens. Thanks for the help.

  7. Oh, a quick aside: I’ve booted the Agora from 2GB flash drives before. Because there is no recovery disc with it, I Ghosted it before I installed the other OSs and used the same 2GB drive to boot. I’ve made the disk into a Ghost Boot disk again and it works fine. So it definitely isn’t the flash drive that’s the problem.

  8. Hi Kayno,

    Found a 1GB flash drive in the local supermarket. Everywhere else, they’re getting rid of 2GB as clearance lines.

    1GB flash USB drive works perfectly.

    Again, thanks for the help. It was invaluable

  9. Pops – I am pretty surprised that it was the 2GB USB drive, although it makes sense as I didn’t think there were any problems with my 2GB USB drive!! Thanks for confirming my suspicions :)

    I am going to do some more testing of 1GB vs 2GB USB drives with different bootable operating systems, and will report back.

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  11. Hi, Not sure if you still use this, or read these!

    I have the Agora 7 and would like to install Ubuntu instaed of the Andriod OS.

    Have read all the instructions but i can actually see anywhere that tells you how to enable the Agora to boot from the USB??


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