my agora netbook pro – minus gOS

As nice as gOS’s desktop looks, the rest leaves a lot to be desired for! It was running on a version of Ubuntu that was a year old (8.04), and the menu’s looked terribly ugly.

The first thing I did (well second – first was peeling off the plastic) was install the latest release of Ubuntu. It was not as straight forward as I had hoped – I was without wireless networking and the touchpad didn’t work, but after three days of blood sweat and tears, I had it sussed.

The next few posts will detail how to get the agora pro working with the latest version of Ubuntu – 9.04 (jaunty jackalope) – using Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

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5 thoughts on “my agora netbook pro – minus gOS

  1. Hi there,

    First of all great site by the way fantastic info and it has been extremely useful.

    I just purchased the Agora netbook and have been playing around with gOS. I run Ubuntu on one of my home desktops but am relatively new to the Linux community. On the surface gOS seems ok to me, but I am wondering if you could list a few advantages of switching to UNR (apart from the obvious version difference you mention) if it is not to much trouble for any others out there in a similar position to me and considering a switch?

  2. Thanks for the kudos Diesel :)

    I guess the advantages of UNR, apart from it being most up-to-date, are the optimisations that have been done for a netbook:

    # New Interface – built for accessing your favourite on and off-line applications rapidly and optimised for the restricted screen size this is radically different
    # Optimised for netbook components – built from the ground up to take advantage of speed and power capabilities of the chip set

    (i took these straight from, as I would have just been retyping what they say!)

    ubuntu 9.04 has a very quick boot time as well – this was a big improvement over the previous ubuntu boot times.

    it also made it easy for me to setup an encrypted home directory during setup – something i think is important for such a portable netbook.

    Also – as you have one of the newer netbooks (mine came from the first batch), i gather you have a different wifi card installed? are you able to comment on the reliability of the wireless connectivity of your netbook at my recent blog entry regarding this?


  3. Thanks for the quick reply Kayne its very much appreciated. You make some good points and I think I just needed some final convincing before I took the plunge. As I mentioned I do not have any particular gripe with gOS but think the advantage of the newer platform will be better in the long run (not to mention the bigger community that will be using UNR which makes trouble shooting easier).
    I would be happy to run a couple of tests and place my finding on your blog. Like you I live in suburbia but I do run an Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop at home (Belkin 802.11g wireless usb) so I will compare the two and try to pop my findings up in the next few days for everyone. Thanks again.

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